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Located and operating directly out of Southern California we are here to ensure a personal and effective translation service is readily available at your fingertips. Specializing in translations and interpretation services, we at Bare Bones Translations can offer a unique variety of flexible services to any type of customer. Contact us today to discuss your translation needs!


If you run a company that needs specific documents to be converted from one language to another or to multiple languages, you should certainly invest in a high-quality translator. Wondering where to find such professionals in Southern California? Our professional translators (who’re native speakers) will get the job done while ensuring that the essence of the original document doesn’t get lost in your translated document. 

If you need on and off-site interpretation from native speakers in a wide range of languages to get through a business deal or a meeting, you can count on us. From events and trade shows to video conferences and office meetings, our interpreters can help you establish a relationship with your potential business partner or client.

We also have German natives onboard to offer German translation services in Laguna Beach, Irvine, and beyond. Whether you need face-to-face translations or paper transcriptions, you can get them all from Bare Bones Translations. 

Since many US-based businesses work with German partners or have plans to take their businesses to Germany, they often need adept German translators to break the ice and forge strong business relationships. If you too belong to this league and need cultural assistance and training to deal with your German clients or business partners confidently and professionally, our experts at Bare Bones Translations can help. 

By leveraging our 12+ years of trade show and event organization experience, we can also help you with your trade shows and events in a foreign land where the job involves much more than merely translating contracts or collateral materials.  

And the best part is that you can get all these services without breaking the bank.

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Bare Bones Translations is a boutique-style translation agency in Dallas, TX providing translation services, interpreter services and intercultural awareness training with a commitment to top quality. 

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