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The Best Apps to Help You Learn a New Language

Whether it’s for work, travel or for personal reasons, learning a new language is always a good idea - but it can be difficult to dedicate the time and effort that’s needed into a busy schedule. Luckily in this smartphone generation, there are countless apps that make learning languages easy and fun! We’ve sorted through them, and chose our favorites:


As one of the more famously known apps, DuoLingo offers lessons in 23 languages on a clean and interactive interface. The courses are designed by native speakers and start off simple while letting you work through the lessons at your own pace. The best part? The app is designed almost like a game -- you lose points if you answer wrong, and gain points the more you practice. There are also simulated conversations (helping your friend pick out clothes or ordering food at a restaurant) and flashcards that help you master vocabulary and sentence structure.


When learning a language, the best kind of practice is having conversations with a native speaker -- HelloTalk lets you do exactly that! Designed as a messaging app, HelloTalk matches you with people who speak the language you want to learn and are interested in learning the language you know. The app lets you choose your level of difficulty, and once you’re matched, you have access to in-built correction tools, an internal translation dictionary (in case you’re stumped) and a whole bunch of other features. We love this app because it allows you to have real-life conversations with real-life people instead of having to practice reading phrases out loud by yourself!


Built for the busy bee in mind! Drops is a highly interactive app that only requires you to spend 5 minutes out of your day to play an immersive language game. It’s designed in a way that involves rapid swipes and taps instead of comprehension and writing that can slow you down. They offer 30 languages and a variety of games to keep you interested and engaged. Although this app isn’t the best for learning complicated verbs and sentence structure, it’s a great way to build your vocabulary.

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