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The Best Travel Apps for 2019

Travelling is the perfect activity if you’re in the need for some R & R (rest and relaxation). But if you haven’t fully prepared for your trip, it can be overwhelming with budgeting, learning a new language and booking tickets for excursions and landmarks. Before you hit the road or catch that flight to your destination, download some of these apps to help you during your busy travel schedule:

Google Translate

If you’re travelling to a country and you aren’t comfortable with the spoken language, we highly recommend Google Translate. This app is perfect when you’re on the move and need to quickly translate phrases (like when you’re ordering food need some directions from locals). They also added an amazing feature that allows you to take a picture that has text/words, highlight a specific section, and translate it into English.


If you’re travelling in a large group and share expenses throughout your trip, Splitwise might be the remedy for the headache that usually ensues when trying to figure out how to track and split the bill evenly. It’s perfect for friends who take turns paying the bill, as the app lets you record and track who pays what and how much. The app keeps a running total of all expenses, making it easy to figure out individual costs at the end of the trip. The app also lets you connect different payment plans so it’s convenient for all parties involved.

Google Trips

Google Trips is the perfect app to keep you organized and efficient during your travels. The app connects to your Gmail account and detects all of your travel reservations (flights, excursions, etc!) and stores it in one place. It also allows you to plan individual days with an interactive map, and offers suggestions on things to do and places to eat. The best part? The app is functional even when you don’t have internet!


If you have some layover time in between flights or between destinations, consider spending your time on DuoLingo! The app offers lessons in 23 languages and makes learning fun and interactive. This app is perfect if you’re travelling in countries and aren’t familiar with the spoken language. Unlike generic language books and sites, the app simulates real-life scenarios -- like helping your friend pick out clothes, or keeping a friendly conversation going.

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