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How to: Travel Abroad for Cheap

Whether you desperately need a vacation, or you’ve just caught the travel bug, there is no reason to empty your bank account in attempting to travel. The bottom line is, everyone can afford to travel; it’s just a matter of planning it correctly.

Prioritizing the necessities

As with any trip, forming a plan of exactly what you need is key. Think about compromises you are or are not willing to take when it comes to your stay. If you’re going to be mainly sight-seeing, or outside of your room, go for the cheaper option and book a bed at a hostel or budget hotel. If you’d like to splurge on a nice dinner every night, consider cooking or packing snacks and easy breakfast foods to enjoy at home. Keeping your luggage to a minimum also helps keep flight costs down.

Joining a travel rewards program

An easy way of finding a cheap flight is joining a travel rewards program. Through your credit card or airline of choice, you can earn perks like free miles and flights from the purchase of regular tickets. Pay attention to the plan before you sign up though! Pick through your options to find the one that is giving you the biggest returns. Some airlines are switching to a revenue based rewards system meaning that you earn points relative to how much you spend, rather than how many miles you fly. These point systems aren’t just restricted to flights either, you can redeem them for discounted rooms in hotels, cheap rental cars, and a number of other helpful travel necessities.

Utilizing Airbnb

Sure everyone checks Airbnb for a cheap place to stay in their destination, but have you ever thought about using it for your own place? Why not make a little extra cash while you’re away and list your house or apartment for on their site for the extent of your stay.

Be flexible enough for sale prices

If you’re not afraid of a little spontaneity, be sure to set alerts on your phone for last second flight or packaged travel deals. A lot of airlines have large sales before the big holiday seasons, but they only run for a short amount of time. You have to be willing and ready to commit to days of travel you might not have planned for.

What are you waiting for?

Travel is good for the soul, and cheap travel is even better for the wallet. Traveling cheap prioritizes the beauty in the exploration and the journey rather than the “luxury” experience. However you choose to do it, there should be nothing standing between you and your next adventure.

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