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Top 5 Factors That Impact a Translation Project Pricing

Unquestionably, translation has become one of the important business aspects especially for companies that want to facilitate cross border operations. It helps these businesses to communicate with their clients in their native languages, which leads to the development of brand loyalty. And when it comes to using a translation service, the cost of the work is usually the first thing that comes into the mind. If you use translation services on a regular basis, you’ve most probably noticed that the cost greatly varies from one project to another. But do you know what are the factors that actually affect the price of a translation project? Though there are lots of factors that may take place when calculating this price, here’re the five most important ones among them.

1. Language Pair

Typically, some language pair would cost you more than others to translate. For instance, if you’re looking to have something translated from English to Spanish, the price would usually be lower than having that same document translated from English to Japanese. In short, usually, the number of translators available for the languages influences the price of the project.

2. Word Count

Word count is one of the most important factors that influence the price of a translation project. For example, if you’re looking to have a 40,000-word document translated, per word cost would usually be lower than what you’d need to pay for getting a 400-word document translated. Generally, translation service providers charge by word, and the higher the number of words to be translated, the higher the amount of discount is offered.

3. Regular Work or One-off Project

Have you got a one-off translation project to be done or do you need a considerable volume of work to be completed on a regular basis? Based on this nature of your work, your translation service provider may be able to offer you a significant amount of discount which would eventually reduce the overall cost of your project.

4. Delivery Timeframe

Do you need a 10,000-word document translated within 24 hours or your service provider can deliver it in their normal pace say within a week? Depending on this turnaround time, the cost of your project will vary. Therefore, if you’ve got urgent deadlines for your project, you should be prepared to pay more than a project with standard deadlines.

5. Experience and Expertise of the Service Provider

There are lots of documents that need to be translated under a strict deadline and with complete accuracy. In these cases, inexperienced translators just won’t fit the bill. A reputable translation service provider is the best option to get the job done perfectly. Initially, you may find such a provider pricey but you need to factor in the high degree of accuracy and competence offered. Work done by seasoned translators usually doesn’t require third-party validation, which would help you save a considerable amount of time and money later on.

Apart from these, some other tasks such as editing, proofreading, DTP services, etc are often associated with translation projects. While some agencies include these costs in their initial quote, some others don’t. If you need any such additional service along with the translation service, you can expect to pay more.

Wrapping Up

Human translation services are usually pricey than machine translation. However, you cannot expect to have the same accuracy or your industry-specific requirements to be met when you get a project done by software. As a leading translation services provider in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, Bare Bones Translations helps clients from across the globe meet their specific translation needs while maximizing efficiency. If you want to know how we can help you, give us a call at 512.571.2296 or send us an email at

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