Workplace benefits of being bilingual

It's no secret that being fluent in multiple languages gives you a tremendous advantage in the workplace - but, one may ask, to what extent? Becoming a more competitive applicant: The ability to understand and communicate with customers across the globe, or even right at home, can take you from another applicant in the pile to an extremely viable future employee. When looking to hire, employers want someone with skill sets that would be of irreplaceable and valuable use - and when less than 20% of the American population considers themselves bilingual, being fluent in another language is a unique and important resume boost. Better job opportunities: In both senses of the phrase, being biling

The Importance of Intercultural Communication

With the growth of the internet and technology in recent years, it is clear that our world is becoming more and more interconnected. International business and international relations continue to be an important aspect in creating a successful business and being a successful intercultural communicator. In our ever-changing world, the importance of being a competent intercultural communicator cannot be disputed. So what is intercultural communication? Intercultural communication, or cross cultural communication, is the interaction between two people from different cultural backgrounds. While you might believe this to mean only interacting with people outside of your country, intercultural com

How Austin is changing, and its effects on your business:

Living and running a business in Austin, Texas, you might have noticed some ongoing changes in the culture of the city as well as professional life. The rising technology boom, partnered with a growing international population has created the perfect storm of innovation and change that led Austin to being ranked the number one fastest changing city over the last decade - and these changes are becoming visibly evident to locals and visitors alike. To maintain success in this constantly updating and changing environment, there are a few things to keep in mind. So, what is changing? First of all, the cities population is beginning to take a new form. As seen on the 2010 Austin Census, populatio

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