Going beyond on-paper translation

The services we offer go beyond on-paper translation. Being bilingual and bicultural, we know how important it is to know and understand the 'non-verbal' communication. Many cross-cultural business deals fall through because of miscommunication, usually in the forms of misunderstandings and wrong interpretations. Bare Bones Translations can assist you with your translation needs as well as your onsite (or phone/skype/video conferencing) interpretation and assistance needs. In addition, we provide inter cultural training classes for our clients so you will never feel akward or lost in any business situations among your foreign customers and business associates.

Translation Service Austin Texas


"Nooo, you can't say it like that!" -- This is the worst reaction you can get from a translation. With Bare Bones Translations, you don't have to worry! We guarantee the 100% correctness of your translation. 


With our marketing background, we can give your publication the final touch it needs to look as good and as professional as it can.


German Interpreting in Austin Texas
German Interpreting


We not only assist our clients in onsite German interpreting and translating but also providing the non-verbal message our clients intend. Being business profesionnals ourselves, we understand how important it is to listen and answer carefully.


In addition, we build relationships so your German business partners feel comfortable working with you!

German Cultural Assistance and Training
German Cultural Assistance&Training


We help our clients to feel comfortable and confident when dealing with their German clients by providing hands-on, entertaining and meaningful training. This involves 'reading between the lines', interpreting non-verbal communication and the dos and donts of German business etiquette. We can customize training to your business needs.

International Tradeshow Organization
Trade Show & Event Organization


Coming to the US or going abroad for a trade show but feeling overwhelmed with the task? We have 12 years of international trade show organization under our belt and are experts in events and trade show planning domestically and internationaly. Contact us today with your needs.