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Workplace benefits of being bilingual

It's no secret that being fluent in multiple languages gives you a tremendous advantage in the workplace - but, one may ask, to what extent?

Becoming a more competitive applicant:

The ability to understand and communicate with customers across the globe, or even right at home, can take you from another applicant in the pile to an extremely viable future employee. When looking to hire, employers want someone with skill sets that would be of irreplaceable and valuable use - and when less than 20% of the American population considers themselves bilingual, being fluent in another language is a unique and important resume boost.

Better job opportunities:

In both senses of the phrase, being bilingual can open new doors of career opportunities. Whether its moving up in your current position, or breaking into a new field, proficiency in multiple languages keeps your choices open. In your current job, being fluent in multiple languages makes you more likely to be picked for work related travel, international expansions, and new customer interactions. When breaking into a new field, knowing multiple languages can put you in the running for some of the fastest growing communication fields, like journalism, travel, and translations.

Bigger salaries:

On average, bilingual employees make upwards of 5% to 20% more per hour than their base-rate counterparts. Having the additional skill of another language makes your position more valuable to a company, therefore awarding you a more competitive rate.

However, if these reasons don’t convince you enough to pick up another language, think about the idea of being able to communicate comfortably and accurately with people across the globe, all on your own. While being bilingual is a huge plus when it comes to business, the benefits are just as great to your life outside of work. From traveling abroad, to simply gaining a more holistic worldview, don’t stand in your own way. Learn a new language! Lean into the future of a more culturally blended world.

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