Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

¡Feliz mes de la Hispanidad! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Every year, we recognize Hispanic-Americans and their culture as well as the contributions they have made for the community. This month (September 15 - October 15) was founded in 1968 and celebrates the anniversary of independence of eight Latin American countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Chile and Belize. To celebrate this month, we have some fun facts for you about the Spanish language! There are 400 million Spanish speakers in the world! With over 400 million speakers worldwide, Spanish falls second as the most spoken language after Chinese (which is spoken by more than a billion people).

The Best Apps to Help You Learn a New Language

Whether it’s for work, travel or for personal reasons, learning a new language is always a good idea - but it can be difficult to dedicate the time and effort that’s needed into a busy schedule. Luckily in this smartphone generation, there are countless apps that make learning languages easy and fun! We’ve sorted through them, and chose our favorites: DuoLingo As one of the more famously known apps, DuoLingo offers lessons in 23 languages on a clean and interactive interface. The courses are designed by native speakers and start off simple while letting you work through the lessons at your own pace. The best part? The app is designed almost like a game -- you lose points if you answer wrong,

Happy National German Language Day!

Hurra! September 8 is National German Language Day. In 2001, the German Language Association created this day to encourage more people to learn German. To celebrate its 17th anniversary, we have a few fun facts about the language for you! German has words that don’t exist in English German has some words that are so hyper-specific, it can take a whole sentence to describe its meaning in English! Here are a couple of our favorites: Sauregurkenzeit: Literally translates to “pickle time” and refers to the 3-6 week holiday season when nothing productive gets done because everyone is on vacation Erbsenzähler: A person who counts their peas -- basically describes anyone who likes to obsess over th

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