German Cultural Assistance & Training

German Cultural Assistance & Training

Germany is the "Export World Champion" for many years and one of its largest clients is the United States. Are you one of the many US businesses working with German partners? Or are you planning to expand to the German market?


Congratulations! Then let's get you and your employees ready and polished for your next meeting, conference call or visit to/from Germany. Even though most German business people speak English that doesn't mean you will understand exactly what they are saying and vice versa. The nuances in languages and body language can cause irritations on both sides simply by not understanding the business culture of each other. Don't make the mistake of underestimating the influence of culture in business transactions. Here some of the things we help with:


  • How to properly conduct a meeting with Germans

  • When to use the 'Formal' and 'Informal' form of addressing people

  • Does 'No' really mean 'No'?

  • Get prepared for you business trip to Germany

  • Dos and Donts of doing business with Germans


Still don't feel comfortable with the Germans? Hire us as your liaison. We will be part of your team and attend your meetings, dinners or events with you to help you form that relationship, 'break the ice' and get your the results you want. Professional, business-savvy and friendly!


Contact us today to discuss your goals! We customize our training session to meet your individual business needs and are flexible for your onsite assistance!


We are looking forward hearing from you! 


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