• Chelsea Wells

What Does this Emoji Mean?!

One of the most popular and entertaining forms of translations that has recently taken the world by storm is that of emojis into actual words. Parents are frightened by what kids’ strings of emojis may mean when it is really harmless. Teenage girls are freaking out over one emoji a boy may have sent her having mistranslated it to mean he likes her. Conversations are being confused between friends as the use of these little pictures are becoming more and more popular. A news anchor even went viral after designating an entire segment to decoding emojis.

Check out the news segment here!

With the world becoming more visual and picture oriented, it is no wonder so many of us have resulted to actually speaking in pictures. The only confusing part in this, is that a picture is literally worth a thousand words, and what is the chance that the person you send a picture to is going to think of the same set of words as you are? Very slim. Making it even more complicated and easy to get lost in interpretation is the fact that there is actually no interpretation for these set of pictures that are being added to every month or so.

For the most part these emojis are used in unimportant situations, but if someone were to interpret an emoji in the wrong way it could turn into a situation that may need to be discussed. There are so many different emotions that each emoji face can represent, there is no telling how you are coming across to your friend unless you are certain they can read you like a book.

Translations for example could go like this… If I send 👍 🌅! To a friend it could be interpreted as “Goodmorning!” or “Beautiful sunset”. Furthermore emoji faces appear differently on every different phone platform. For example this “grimacing” face:


The first face looks like it witnessed something awkward, the second face looks furious, the third face looks shocked, and the fourth face looks slightly embarrassed. All of our emotions and meanings can be lost through text just from the mistranslation of these tiny little pictures we have been sending our friends each day.

I see an opening for a career in emoji translations as parents want to decode their kids texts, girls want to know what that cute guy really means, and friends want to make sure they are understanding each other properly before overreacting. With that being said … :).




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