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The Importance of On Site Translations

At Bare Bones Translations, we do more than help you to understand what someone is saying. We foster relationships between you and your partners or customers or employees with cultural understanding and a thorough interpretation of what is wanting to be conveyed. In order to achieve the most effective translation and path of communication we highly recommend on site translating.

Over the phone translating works fine for a few words here and there, or if you just want the bare minimum quality of a translation. This is because it lacks so many important aspects of communication that on site translating provides.

On site translating allows the translator to see the facial expressions and body language occurring between the two parties they are translating for. This is an important detail many people overlook. It allows the translator to see any unspoken confusion, any discomfort in the situation, and any problems that may occur from frustration of the language barrier. 93% of communication is nonverbal, meaning that a translator that can view the body language of both parties can provide you with a more thorough and meaningful translation.

Another strong point of the importance of on site translation is comfort. If you were to travel to a new country where you don’t understand the language and have to complete a business deal how would you feel? Probably fairly scared or uncomfortable. Having someone that fully understands your language being in the same place as you provides a sense of comfort. An on site translator could make the situation much less awkward and less nerve racking for the person needing to be translated.

When you schedule your next business meeting with a language you don’t know how to speak think of Bare Bones Translations. We assure that you will be provided with a thorough translating experience, and will walk away from your meeting with a strong relationship.

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