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3 Things to Consider Before Going Global

Is your company trying to decide if they should go global or not? With the increase of online presence and social media, more and more businesses are being given the opportunity to go global and expand into new markets. Although it is becoming more popular, there are many things to consider before biting the bullet and taking the next steps. Here are a few of them:

Explore customs and practices

When first deciding where you want to expand internationally, it is important to research customs and practices that are unique to that specific international place. If this is the place you ultimately decide to go, it is also important to familiarize yourself with these customs to show your respect and appreciation when actually conducting business there.

Research alliances and partnerships

Don't be afraid to reach out to other companies that are similar to yours and already well-established in the market that you are expanding to. Especially if they are from or very familiar with the location you are planning to do business in, these companies may have some great pointers. It could even result in a partnership or alliance!

Enjoy what's to come

Don't forget that you will meet so many new people and learn a great deal about other cultures throughout the process of going global. Make sure this is what you want, and is something you can appreciate. Although you may run into some bumps in the road, remember to have fun with it, to take care of your business, and to stay true to your company's core values.

Good luck on your journey, and as always, contact your Bare Bones Translations Team if we could be of any translation assistance!

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