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How Three Different Countries Celebrate Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, there's not a better time to discuss how different countries choose celebrate the holiday! You'd be surprised about how much the celebration of Christmas varies from place to place, but how similar it is at the same time. Specifically, let's look at Canada, Australia, and Italy.

In Canada, there is actually an address for the North Pole that children use to send letters to Santa Claus. Luckily for the Canada Post, thousands of volunteer's help to write back the children and keep the Christmas spirit alive. Additionally, most gifts are opened on Christmas Eve, and their meal consists of roasted turkey with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Cookie-baking parties are also a common event that occurs around this time of year.

Australia is a little bit of a different story. Christmas happens to fall during the summer in Australia, so it is common to have BBQ's and of course, Santa uses kangaroos instead of reindeer for his sleigh. Australians can tend to get a little competitive with their Christmas lights, and some neighbors even have competitions to see who has the best light display!

Lastly, Italians place heavy importance on the Nativity crib scene around the holidays. They use this to tell the story of Christmas, and it is not uncommon to find cribs in many households. Children are often found singing carols in the streets while wearing shepherds sandals and hats. No meat is eaten on Christmas Eve, and a cake called Panettone is popular as a late night snack.

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