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Reliable Translation Apps

With one of the busiest times of the year to travel upon us, it's likely that many of us are traveling somewhere internationally. Whether doing business somewhere or vacationing, language barriers may cross our paths in the near future. Your Bare Bones Translations Team is here to provide you with three apps that will make your translating more accurate and reliable!


TripLingo goes above and beyond by actually looking into customs, lingo, slang, etc. that is unique to the specific place you are visiting. It also provides you with a currency converter, flashcards you can test yourself with, and tip sheets on local etiquette.


This app not only lets you speak phrases into the phone for it to translate on the spot, but allows you to slow down or speed up the phrase it spits back at you to clearly hear the annunciation and to be able to practice saying it yourself. It supports 27 languages with voice translations, and you can save your phrases and go back to them at a later date.


Waygo focuses on image recognition, specifically text in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. It immediately produces a translation, and saves your translations to make it easy to return back to your hotel, etc. This app is especially helpful for reading signs and menu items that you may be unsure about.

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