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Can People Translate your Website?

With the modern world becoming more and more global, there are customers from almost every geographic region searching online for products and services to meet their needs. As you might expect, the majority of these customers only speak one language, but are ordering items from websites in a foreign language.

The first thing that comes to most people's minds is to use the translation widgets that most website platforms have built-in. However, these widgets often translate incorrectly, are unreliable, and could even produce words that insult your customer. Here are some common mistakes companies make when dealing with website translation:

  • ​Ignoring cultural differences

  • Seeing the Chinese market as one whole market

  • Ignoring Arabic

  • Overlooking measurements

Although widgets are often not reliable, there are a variety of translation software apps that specialize in translation. Wix has a free Multiple Language App that redirects visitors to your website based on where they are located. Weebly also has a Multi-Language App where visitors can themselves select which language they would like to view the webpage in. Additionally there are other programs like, Translia, and Keylingo that provide customized translations.

Make sure you are taking the right steps to allow your website to be accessible by many different people in many different locations!

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