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Going Abroad Boosts Your Resume

Do you love to travel? Do you learn a lot from your new cultural experiences? Have you ever faced an issue or experienced a problem while abroad? These experiences can all be utilized to boost your resume and to answer interview questions. Let’s begin by addressing that traveling and experiencing new cultures is a great learning experience that exposes you to new ideas. It also shows that you are a person willing to be put in new situations, you can adapt to changes easily, and you are probably an interesting person. These are all key things that employers look for in a candidate. On top of what being a traveler says about you as a person, your experiences abroad help you cultivate new skill sets. Odds are you have accidentally had a miscommunication, an uncomfortable situation, or an experience where people were questioning what you were doing while visiting these new cultures. Go back and analyze how you handled each of those situations, what the outcome was, and how you can utilize that situation in the future. Some typical skills that are gained from going abroad include: adaptability, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Companies that would be interested in learning more about these cultural experiences are very diverse, are growing globally, or conduct international business. Remember that not everything in your resume or interview has to be about work. Express your interesting side and love for travel to communicate some of your skills. It will set you apart from other candidates.

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