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The Importance Of Human Translation In E-commerce Industry

What’s your goal as an e-commerce business owner? Undeniably, it would be increasing sales and expanding your customer base. Now the fact is, since the past decade, the number of e-commerce websites has been rising steadily, resulting in a cut-throat competition in the field. It means, to sustain as a profitable business, you’ve to explore newer avenues to expand your clientele. And in the context of e-commerce, expansion of your business is closely associated with going global. When you are thinking of keeping your products/services in front of a global audience, the first thing you need to consider is crossing the language barrier by translating your listings accurately. Despite the rise of AI-powered translation tools, we think that the expertise of human translators is simply incomparable. And we are confident that you’d be on the same page with us after reading this post.

Let’s see the key advantages of using a human translator for your e-commerce business.

Why are human translators indispensable to the e-commerce industry?

  • Appropriate translation: Once your business has gone global, your site will have different visitors proficient in different languages. To convert those visitors into your customers, you’ve to make sure they can navigate your website effortlessly and clearly understand what your business has on offer. And to achieve this, it’s of utmost importance to translate your listings into their languages. Since human translators are essentially language experts, only they can understand the nuances of a particular language and come up with the meaning that exactly reflects what your products/services have to say.

  • Adherence to local culture: Another factor that plays a crucial role when you are going cross-border is how your site’s content adheres to the local cultures. Since each of these regional cultures tend to appear with unique values and ethics, your cross-border entrepreneurial success heavily depends on how accurately you can address them. Most human translators are well aware of the differences between individual cultures and hence, they are the best people to understand the practices and traditions of your target audience. So, by joining hands with a reputable translation service provider, you can rest assured of having the content of your e-commerce website translated perfectly, language- and subject-wise.

  • Perfect tone: Regardless of the industry, all products and services appear with a specific target audience and the pieces of content for them are crafted in a certain tone keeping that target audience in mind. When a piece of text is translated by a human translator, the tone remains intact and is correctly reflected in the translated document. On the contrary, when you use machine translation tools to do this, most of the time the tone gets lost. This is because a machine translation can’t understand if there’s a need for using additional words and/or phrases to translate the source material exactly the way that was envisioned by the original author.

These are the key areas that we think machine translation tools would never be able to compete with human translators. While it’s true that AI-powered translation platforms such as Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate, and Google Translate have demonstrated considerable advancements in accuracy, they are still much behind the expertise of human translators. In fact, by 2021, annual enterprise spending on this field is expected to reach $56.18 billion. Ideally, you should use machine translation services as long as the viewers of the translated content aren’t concerned about the quality and for you, the consequences of errors will be low to zero.

Parting Thoughts

Put simply, when you are looking to take your e-commerce business to the global level, you’ve to trust human translators only. At Bare Bones Translations, we only use human translators for each job we take. If you want to have the content of your e-commerce website translated to any language and the job to be performed by native speakers having years of experience working in the translation industry, just reach out to us via phone: 512.571.2296 or email:, and we’ll take it from there.

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