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Tech Essentials to Take on Every Trip

When planning a trip abroad, people typically like to stay away from technology. Associating technology with “bad” is a common theme during vacations - after all, people travel to take a break from work and busy bustle of their daily life. However, when certain tech gadgets work at their best, they can actually make your travelling experience better. With that being said, we wanted to share some tech products that we think should be in your travel bag:

USB Battery Pack

Always pack an extra battery pack in your bag! When your vacation requires you to be constantly on the go, outlets may not be readily available to you. If you’re in in unfamiliar area and know that you’re going to be out of your hotel for hours at a time, we strongly suggest you carry the external charger with you. That way, if you’re using apps (like your phone’s GPS) that drain your battery, you don’t have to worry! They’re typically small enough to fit into a purse/bag, and can be charged overnight while you sleep.


For travellers who love to relax by reading books during their vacations, an e-reader is definitely a must! There are various types of e-readers - some with just the bare essentials and others allow you to download apps and other features. E-readers are great because you can download a whole library full of books into it while saving space and weight in your luggage! They’re also small enough to fit in a bag/purse, so you can carry your reading list on the go!


Headphones are definitely an essential when traveling, especially if you’re abroad. It’ll be common to find yourself passing time or craving some peace in different situations. Carrying headphones with you allows you to play music, a podcast or an audiobook while you take public transportation or wait in line. Even better, consider buying noise-cancelling headphones to tune out any noisy areas.

Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick (Any kind of streaming stick, really)

Streaming sticks like Google Chromecast, Roku Streaming Stick, and Amazon Fire Stick allow you to turn any TV (with a usb cable and HDMI port) into a smart TV. The streaming sticks gives you access to apps like Netflix, Youtube and Hulu. This is perfect for travelers who like to relax and wind down by catching up on movies and television shows. Bring it with you to your travels and connect it to the TV in your hotel room - and wah lah! Automatic access to your favorite streaming services.

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