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4 More Essential Travel Apps

In December, we published an article about the top travel apps for 2019! It included some of our favorite helpful apps to travel with. We know how stressful travelling can be if you’re not completely prepared. If you’re immersed in a different country, it can difficult getting and organizing all of your tickets, currency, and bags. With this being said, we wanted to add some more apps to the list! They’re guaranteed to make your trip less hectic and more fun!


Whatapp isn’t a new app, but it’s proved time and time again that it’s one of the most helpful messagings/communication apps. The app lets you send messages and files (like photos and videos) as well make calls! The best part? It’s completely free, making this the go-to app for many travelers or for people living abroad. As long as you have internet or wifi, you’re ready to go!


Transit is an app that shows real-time arrivals of public transportation in more than 120 different cities. The app supports various types of public transportation - like bus, train, bike, Uber and many many more. It also contains a built-in map that shows you where you transportation is, so you’re updated with any changes or delays. Once you’re on a train, the app alerts you on when your stop is near - perfect for travelers in a new city! The app also works without wifi, allowing you see departure times and check the estimated time your trip will take.


In a nutshell, Hopper is an app that lets you track how much flights cost on a user-friendly platform. They use data science to predict the cost of airfare and hotel prices - All you have to do is search the trip you want to plan, and Hopper will send you an alert when the prices drop to their lowest point. This app is perfect for frequent travelers or travel-junkies with a budget. Hopper also offers tips about nearby airports and uses filters to customize predictions for flights that work best for you.


Airbnb is the perfect app for travelers who don’t necessarily want to stay at traditional hotels. Through this app, you can book vacation home rentals and travel experiences in more than 190 countries. There is a huge selection of homes includes houses, apartments, condos - even cabins (and more)! A huge perk of renting a home is that you get to completely immerse yourself into the city and culture you’re visiting. Instead of just being a tourist, you get a chance to live in authentic neighborhoods and areas.

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