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Reviewing The Must-Have Qualities Of A Top Translation Agency

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

A translation service is something that you may need once in a while or on a regular basis. But the key thing is had to be accurate, which means it has to convey exactly the same thing as its original. Translation service is one of those things that can make you or your business look unprofessional if it’s done poorly.

It also leads us to the point that doing the translation yourself can trigger similar problems, even if you’re capable of carrying on a conversation in other languages. This is because the latter part doesn’t guarantee that you’ve got the skills necessary to perform translation effectively.

Now, coming to the subject of this post, if you need some content translated professionally, you’re likely to do some online research to find out a translation agency. And here’s the most important thing you need to understand – not all translating agencies are created equal and hence, simply picking up the first agency that pops up at the top of the SERPs might lead you to a huge disappointment.

But how would you be sure of the expertise of a particular translation agency? Or, what things should you be looking for before taking a final call? To help you decide where to take your business when it comes to translating your valuable content, we’ve rounded up the must-have characteristics of a top translation agency.

How to choose a top translation agency

While it’s a fact that all translation agencies promise quality translation services, quality also comes with two versions – high quality and low quality. Here’re the most important characteristics that would help you understand whether your chosen agency is the best one or not.

  • Diversity of the team: One of the most important qualities of a top translation agency is that it has a great pool of linguists, interpreters, and translators. You should remember that having good verbal skills in a language doesn’t guarantee that the individual will make a great translator. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure that your chosen agency uses native linguists with good knowledge of your target dialect. You should also ensure that the agency only uses fully-referenced linguists who’ve got a solid track record of meeting deadlines, no matter how strict they were. If you do business in a specialized industry, it’s important to hire an agency that has considerable experience of working in that business sector. Hiring a translation agency that has a good pool of translators who’re familiar with the technical language and regulatory requirements that are peculiar to your specialized sector will greatly help you avoid confusion. As your business caters to a global clientele, you’ve to ensure that your content remains consistent across languages and at Bare Bones Translations, we do exactly the same by considering the cultural nuances of your specific audience and industry.

  • Effective localization: The translation agency you choose must have a good reputation for effective localization. It means the entire content translated by the team perfectly fits the local culture you’re trying to target. Ideally, the translators of the agency should come with a robust understanding of global cultures to help your content make perfect sense in a diverse array of markets.

  • Keeping pace with technological advancements: In today’s world, where technologies are getting upgraded almost everyday, it’s absolutely important for a translation agency to stay on the same page with different advancements. A top agency should use the latest tools and techniques like up to date language operating systems and publishing platforms. Also, it has to be able to accommodate different technical needs in the services and should provide its linguists with updated training sessions to help them extend their expertise and reach.

  • Unmatched quality: Regardless of the business you’re into, if you want to have a perfect translation whenever needed, joining hands with a translation agency that has a solid quality control policy in place is a must. It’s very rare to observe mistakes in the pieces created by a top translation agency. Ideally, you should only hire an agency that promises to ensure a translation is thoroughly proofread before it’s delivered to you. You can also check whether the translators of the agency are certified through a nationally accredited organization like the ATA (American Translation Association). While a certified translator isn’t needed for every project, certification is considered to be an industry-wide best practice.

  • Effective project planning: A top translation agency must understand the importance of planning and needs to have a proper project planning procedure in place. Its workforce should be large enough to help you meet your project goals. Ideally, you should hire an agency where a good project manager with considerable years of experience in the translation field oversees the completion of translation projects, providing you with the best possible solutions.

  • Detailed testimonials: These would be especially important if you don’t have a clear understanding of the target language you want the content translated into. In this situation, evaluating the agency’s work by looking at their past examples of content may not be of much help. As such, looking for an agency that clearly displays detailed testimonials from their past clients seems to be your best bet. Remember to take a thorough look at those testimonials including case studies, detailed feedback, and seek out references, if needed. You can also judge the agency to some extent by looking at its client base. Usually, an agency that works with large government organizations, well-known NGOs, and top private companies offers a higher level of service than agencies that don’t.

  • Personalized customer service: The translation agency you choose should provide you with a single point of contact that’ll be able to discuss your requirements throughout the process. Simply, stay away from agencies that take the raw content and deliver a translated version without having any discussion with you during the process. Also, a top agency should be able to communicate with you in simple language without bombarding you with professional jargon. While size doesn’t guarantee quality, translation agencies that operate at a considerable scale usually have the resources required to cater to the varied needs of their clients more efficiently compared to smaller agencies.

  • Reasonable price: Similar to most of the other industries, you simply get what you pay for in the translation industry also. You can surely find some translation agencies that offer services for an extremely low price but their quality will likely be very poor. But it also doesn’t mean that you need to pay more than what you need to. Ideally, the price should be depending on your purpose and the complexity of the content. For instance, to get an appellate brief translated, you should be prepared to pay more than an invitation for an upcoming picnic. Similarly, your critical documents should only be entrusted to a top translation agency while an informal translation can be carried out by a low-cost service provider.

Final Words

All in all, a top translation agency should be able to help you connect with your multi-lingual audiences both abroad and domestically. And it should offer professional and accurate services, in context and in meaning. So, be sure to check the above characteristics out before hiring a translation agency to get top quality, professional service whenever you need it.

If you’re looking for a top translation agency, simply pick up the phone and call Bare Bones Translations on 512.571.2296. You can also drop us a few lines stating your requirements at and we’ll get back to you to discuss them in detail.

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