• Katharina Gruber

4-Steps to produce high-quality translation

How to produce high-quality translation is a question that’s asked frequently. Here’s a 4-step checklist that could help:

1. Get the complete and final source content: Make sure your client gives you the completed, proofread, and edited source content to translate. Working on an incomplete content that’s likely to undergo changes frequently would increase the chances of errors in translation.

2. Understand your client’s requirements: Your clients could have different quality parameters and requirements with their translation projects. For example, one may just need the essence of the source content to be present in the target content while another may need you to stick to a uniform style of writing when translating in multiple languages. Knowing the precise requirements would help you to work accordingly and deliver the best quality results.

3. Have a suitable strategy in place: Be it following the style guides and glossaries to ensure consistency or using terminology management to manage time well and reduce the time of rework, you should use the most appropriate translation project strategy to work efficiently.

4. Involve qualified reviewers: Get the final translated documents reviewed by qualified reviewers before delivering them to the client. This will help you to deliver high-quality results that wow your clients.

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