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Why do you need to translate your social media posts?

Perhaps you already have a social media presence to make people aware of and interested in your business. Chances are all your social media posts are in English because like many others out there, you too believe English to be the online landscape’s lingua franca. But that’s no longer the truth. It’s especially true if your business appeals to a global audience or is trying to break into the international scenario. When you’re trying to reach your global audience, a majority of whom are non-English speakers, your social media posts need to be translated by experts to ensure their original meaning doesn’t get lost or altered into something completely different.

If your business is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and you need competent translators to translate your social media posts accurately to build a multilingual presence across different social media platforms, you can come to Bare Bones Translations. But if you’re still not sure why your social media posts need an expert translator to reach your targeted global audience and entice them into engaging with your brand, you need to know how doing so would help.

Tap into a massive potential market with social media translation

Let’s assume your business is trying to reach a neighborhood that has a significant presence of US Hispanics. If your social media posts are still using English, you’re likely to observe a noticeably low proportion of Spanish-speaking followers from this region. Not sure why this would happen? This Facebook study has the answer.

It found that US Hispanics, on average, are likely to feel a positive and emotional attachment to businesses that use Spanish instead of English. A whopping 86% of the respondents said they believe speaking Spanish helps them stay connected to their culture. Thus, by translating your social media posts into Spanish, you’ll have a better chance of attracting these people and making them feel happy and confident when interacting with your brand. This is just a small example of what translating your social media posts could do for your business. And this isn’t a solitary case.

Several studies have indicated how language has a significant influence on consumer confidence. When you’re trying to reach international customers, your first step is to speak their language. It's not just a metaphor. You actually need to speak your target audience’s language, which could be Spanish, German, French, etc. In 2020, people all over the world used social media for almost everything – finding news, connecting with people and brands, planning their shopping lists, etc. As the fear of COVID-19 still looms large, time spent on social media will be significant in 2021 as well. You can capitalize on this opportunity by translating your social media posts and appealing to this stuck-at-home audience.

Avoid costly blunders with free translation tools

If you thought you can use one of the many online translation tools available for free to get the job done, you won’t be the first to take the route. Several small and big businesses have walked down this road, sometimes with hilarious results and sometimes, with devastating blunders that needed millions of dollars to rebrand their operation.

To avoid such blunders and embarrassment, you should shun automated translation services and hire native-speaking translators instead. Why cause severe damage to your business’s market reputation with mistranslations or texts and phrases that are poorly translated? With an expert translator as your partner who’ll invest time to understand your target market, you can rest assured your translated social media posts would consider the linguistic nuances and the local culture while integrating relevant niche-related terminology.

Final words

When you’re eyeing an international business expansion, you must rely on expert translation services for your social media posts to avoid your message getting lost in translation or falling prey to a bilingual faux pas.

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